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China: Shanghai constructs largest plant factory
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China: Shanghai constructs largest plant factory

The biggest disadvantages of growing vegetables in winter  are snowfall, frost, and persistent rain. Xinghui Vegetables, a subsidiary of the Guangming Group, is currently constructing Shanghai's largest plant factory in Fengxian.

In the experimental greenhouse they can grow 13 harvests per year, which is 4 or 5 times the production volume of an open field. The Guangming Group tested the greenhouse at an earlier stage and produced 150 thousand pieces per harvest, which could amount to a production output of 12 thousand kg of vegetables. The entire process, from raising the seedlings to harvest, is regulated with computers. They simulate the optimum growing conditions. After 15 days the seedlings can be transplanted, and after one month they can be harvested.


Publication date: 1/18/2018